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About Adams Balloons:

As a licensed aircraft manufacturer, Adams Balloons constructs ballooning equipment according to Airworthiness Certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This Certification requires the highest standards and the FAA monitors all stages of production to ensure compliance with all specifications and standards. Our standard product lines are issued with Standard Airworthiness Certificates and our Shapes are issued with Special Airworthiness Certificates.

Other companies building balloons in the US are forced to use fabrics and parts provided from their parent companies. Obviously this means balloons with a price tag that reflects expensive European components and international shipping overheads. We believe that events in the year 1776 should have changed all that!

We have been and always will be US owned and operated. We buy only domestic products and build everything at our New Mexico production facility. This is a win for our customers; higher quality components at lower costs means happy customers.

The production of all new equipment at Adams Balloons is beyond all other manufacturers, our balloons last longer and are available at the best price available on the market. Today’s Adams Balloons represents 40 years of evolution, always striving to improve and enhance the product’s viability in an ever-changing market.

This website has been built specifically for you, the customer. Whether you are a balloon enthusiast, crew or pilot, its purpose is to provide detailed information about all Adams' product lines. Please let us know your comments or suggestions ... and whatever your story we'd love to hear it!

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