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Owner of Adams Balloons, Andy Richardson, has had a passion for ballooning since he was old enough to walk. He grew up just south of a winery in Bloomington Indiana that used hot air balloons for advertising purposes. In 1994, he was lucky enough to take his first ride with Bill Oliver in the winery balloon, from that day he knew he wanted to be involved with ballooning.

He purchased his first hot air balloon at the age of 14, and later as a senior in high school he began working as an intern with a local repair station owner and started building his first hot air balloon. In 2005 he began building and repairing balloons full time. His balloon building resume includes many complex special shapes and countless round balloons.

Andy is a past president of the Montgolfier Society of Indiana, and has flown at many balloon events around the world.
  Brian Magee has been around balloons since 1994. His strong love for ballooning and all thing aviation started at The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally in NY, one of the oldest balloon events in the Northeast. He continues to be involved in this festival today by overseeing pilot and sponsor relations.

After crewing for many years, he finally earned his pilot certificate in 2009. Since this time Brian has been involved in all aspects of ballooning from ride operations to balloon manufacturing.

Brian holds degrees in both Biology and Spanish and a Masters in higher education administration. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership.
  Andy Roesch (Adams' "other" Andy) grew up in a ballooning family. His parents purchased their first balloon in the summer of 1976 in Wichita, Kansas. Ever since, Andy has considered himself to be a balloonist and spent his youth idolizing the early modern hot-air balloon innovators such as Ed Yost, Tracy Barnes, Don Piccard, Bruce Comstock, and of course the legendary Mike Adams. His family moved to the more balloon-friendly climate of the metro Phoenix, Arizona area in 1986, where Andy earned his pilot's license in 1993 after being taught by his father, Jon. He won the Arizona state championship in 1997, becoming the youngest winner of the title at age 22.

Andy has held a variety of jobs during his life, but none as thrilling as when he started flying balloons professionally in 2014. He is now honored and beyond thrilled to be taken aboard by a company that still proudly bears the name of one of his childhood heroes. Andy is a computer/design/engineering guru and brings a lifetime of ballooning experience to the Adams family.
  Rachel Zimmer has loved balloons since she was 4 years old. Her lifelong dream was to become a Pilot and fly her own her own balloon. After crewing for a few years she earned her Private Pilot Certificate in 2016 and she has already began working on her Commercial rating.

Being a pilot and having owning a balloon was not enough and Rachel joined the Factory Team to help build her own balloon and learn about all aspects of balloon manufacturing and repairs.

Rachel has a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and General Management from the University of New Mexico. Prior to joining Adam's, Rachel spent several years working as a Business Student Intern doing accounting at Sandia National Laboratories and upon graduating college she spent the next 7 years as a Human Resource Manager.