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Adams Baskets

The Adams Basket, designed to give you comfort and safety while being one of the most rugged and durable baskets available on the market.

This basket was selected in 1976 by the Smithsonian Air and space museum for permanent display to represent the most advanced state of the art balloon building of the day.

The same attention to detail and craftsmanship goes into every basket. This strong rattan framework is mounted onto the ¾ inch plywood floor. Then as the basket is constructed the sides are woven around the fuel tanks to give the basket it’s sculptured sides.

The sculptured shape neatly tuck away the 4 ten gallon fuel tanks, while adding strength and rigidity. The steel suspension cables which run from the load plate in the center of the floor are woven through the sides of the basket hiding them from possible abrasions.

All this beauty of the basket weaver’s art is protected by a set of oak skids. We didn’t forget about the pilot or passengers either. The upper edges and upright poles are covered with nonabsorbent foam and handsome scratch resistant suede.

The Adams Burner

  The formidable Adams burner is the product of over a year and a half of investment in design, development, testing, and initial production. The clear results are quality, control, reliability and confidence.

Engineered as a fully redundant system, the two throttles and two fuel feeds provide alternatives for flight safety and burning power. It has been performance tested up to 250 PSI.

A unique feature on this burner is the heat exchange manifold designed to keep the aluminum block heated during operations. Super heated propane is put back into the mono-block before it is released into the pilot lights for combustion. Plus, the heating of the block causes the o-rings on the blast valves to stay warm and not freeze even in cold conditions. The result is superior reliability that matches any burner on today’s market.

The burner's ergonomics puts control at your fingertips with both throttles easily controlled with one hand. The 360 degree gimbal is encompassed in the design allowing the pilot complete freedom in directing the flame during inflation and breezy ground conditions.

What's more the fuel system uses Rego hand tighten fittings for ease hooking together. So silly wrenches required, just tighten and go!

Finally, following the Adams tradition of hand crafted excellence and attention to detail produced a burner of lasting beauty with cherry wood handles and hand tooled brass triggers.