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The Adams Basket, designed to give you comfort and safety while being one of the most rugged and durable baskets available on the market.

This basket was selected in 1976 by the Smithsonian Air and space museum for permanent display to represent the most advanced state of the art balloon building of the day.

The same attention to detail and craftsmanship goes into every basket. This strong rattan framework is mounted onto the ¾ inch plywood floor. Then as the basket is constructed the sides are woven around the fuel tanks to give the basket it’s sculptured sides.

The sculptured shape neatly tuck away the 4 ten gallon fuel tanks, while adding strength and rigidity. The steel suspension cables which run from the load plate in the center of the floor are woven through the sides of the basket hiding them from possible abrasions.

All this beauty of the basket weaver’s art is protected by a set of oak skids. We didn’t forget about the pilot or passengers either. The upper edges and upright poles are covered with nonabsorbent foam and handsome scratch resistant suede.

The Adams Burner

  The Adams Balloons next generation burner, the Kavanagh Crossfire is here! Under a  joint marketing agreement, Kavanagh allows Adams to market and sell Crossfire burners to it's existing and future customers.

Introduced in 2012, the Crossfire has flown across the globe and gained a reputation as the most reliable burner ever.   It's no wonder that the Crossfire double, with it's amazing performance is certified in balloons up to 260,000 cu ft.  Combining this with remarkable performance when running as low as 50 PSI means it is ideal for both the sport pilots and ride operators allowing complete elimination of both heating or nitrogen. Crossfire is a burner that leads in performance, aesthetics ,and ergonomics.

An extensive four-way cooperation between Adams Balloons, Kavanagh Balloons, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) resulted in FAA adding the Crossfire Burner to the Adams Type Certificate.  The Type Certificate approval allows Adams owners to use the Crossfire burner with either the swept-top Classic or the new Elite flat-top baskets.  This is fantastic news for existing Adams owners looking to update an existing system with a state of the art burner.  

The Crossfire delivers performance, reliability, and serviceability at a compelling price point that makes it *the* burner that the US market has eagerly awaited.   The investment that Kavanagh has made in burner technology and a proven track record of reliability in some of the harshest climes makes this the perfect fit for the Adams product range. 

Double, Triple and Quad configurations are available for order right now with a much anticipated Single to arrive late this year.