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Special Shapes

How about your dream shape?

Adams laid the ground work for certified special shapes in 1974 when KFC approached Adams with a concept. This idea was taken to the drawing board and 5 months later the KFC chicken was born. Two were built that year and both balloons earned a standard airworthiness certificate from the FAA.

The staff at Adams balloons has built many of the most popular special shapes and we are proud to continue the tradition that was started 40 years ago.

You as the customer bring the power of your imagination ... however creative! We bring the technology.

Using the latest computer aided design programs your ideas spring to life and together we refine the design into a beautiful aerostat.

Once a 3D model is made we use our state of the art printer to create the paper patterns and we then go to work on the cutting table.
  Our electric rotary cutter is designed specifically for cutting fabric. Which means that a single cut from layers of fabric creates perfect identical panels.

The assembly process is then smooth and the end result flawless.

Adams Shapes are typically built under an FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate (Experimental Category - Exhibition). This is the most expedient method for FAA approval and serves the needs of most of our customers. If you need a Standard Airworthiness Certificate, let us know, it takes a little longer, but we can make it happens.