Hello and thank you for visiting. We are delighted to share all the happenings at the Adams Factory through this series of "Balloon Mail" postings.

You may not be aware that Balloon Mail has a rich history that dates back to 1870 when balloons transported over three million letters from Paris as Prussian forces laid siege to the city. The Ballon Monté (manned balloon) Service proved a great success and provided the only way for residents to communicate with the outside world.

We thought it appropriate to deliver our news service as a collection of "Par Ballon" articles ... albeit delivered in more peaceful times and with the help of a little modern technology.

New Balloon Gallery

Adams Van Sant 1

This photographic composition, courtesy of Patrick Michael Chando at Invisible Black Images, shows off the wonderful design of a brand new Adams envelope.

Kurt Van Sant and his partners Jane Tolar and John Paul Mares have designed a beautiful southwestern themed envelope using the vivid colors of the Adams Superlast fabric. Kurt's new envelope is paired to his existing Aerostar bottom-end under the Adams FAA Type Certificate and the team plans to fly its rejuvenated balloon frequently in the Albuquerque skies.

Head over the invisibleblack.zenfolio.com to see more of Patrick's impressive portfolio including many hot air balloon photographs.

Adams Van Sant 2

Maiden Voyage of Miss Shenanigans

Congratulations Steve and Patty....Greg Lindsey, AZ Air Ventures

Greg Lindsey of AZ Air Ventures flew his drone and made this great video of Steve Adams new envelope! The super bright colors on the Adams DiamondPlate fabric really show off his fantastic design.

Product Announcement

Today Adams Balloons raises the bar with two new standards for fabric excellence: *Honeycomb* and *DiamondPlate*. We have redesigned our entire envelope fabric from scratch including the weave, protective coatings and color dyes. Both fabrics are available right now for new envelopes and, for existing Adams owners, envelope rebuilds.

Durable fabrics is a mantra at Adams Balloons. Indeed, it's one of the key reasons that so many Adams balloons built in the 1970s are still flying today! Today we are proud to extend that legacy well into the future.

New Balloon Gallery

It's always reassuring to know that we have one or two balloons in stock and ready for immediate sale. This 90k envelope build over the quiet holiday period is available now at a very special price. Happy New Year!!

The New Adams Factory

The staff at Adams is extremely proud to announce that over the last month as we have moved into the larger facility, we received a week long FAA audit on our first new balloon in the facility. and used to show compliance in the new facility. Along with the balloon audit, our new facility was also approved for production!!

Adams Flight School

In an effort to advance our sport and support both pilots wishing to obtain a Private or Commercial Pilots license, Adams has established a partnership with "THE Balloon Flight School" in Albuquerque, NM. Under this partnership, Adams is offering free flight training with the purchase of any Adams envelope of a size A50S or greater.

“Recognized internationally as one of the finest institutions for formal LTA instruction, THE Balloon Flight School sets the standard that others follow. As a Part 141 facility pilots wishing to acquire their LTA rating can look forward to accelerated instruction and completion process.”www.theballoonflightschool.com/

A Day In The Life

Marty Kelsey, the host of STEM in 30, talks with Andy Richardson, the owner of Adams Balloon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Andy built the Smithsonian balloon that is now part of the collection.

Adams at the Smithsonian

Smithsonian 12

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New Balloon Gallery

This beautiful 2016 A55S, appropriately named Huckleberry, was built for Rachel Zimmer and her husband, Jesse Clayton Zimmer. Rachel chose the design from one of Adams stock envelopes but worked with the Factory to add her own special design twist.

The brand new envelope is paired to a Cameron bottom-end under the Adams FAA Type Certificate and it was a very cost effective option for Rachel and Jesse to upgrade their existing system. Under this regulation, a replacement envelope is simple logbook entry for the new owners and the Adams Factory takes care of all the paperwork.

We look forward to seeing Rachel flying this balloon frequently above the Albuquerque skies as she trains for her commercial certificate.

Adams Zimmer 5

New(ish) Balloon Gallery

If you live in the the North East you may be lucky enough to see this newly restored balloon at numerous flying events. This is an iconic "Little Devil" that our New York dealer acquired from Brian Ball a long time Adams pilot in central Illinois. This balloon, officially designated as an Adams L-D-S, has quite a history as the second little devil ever built and its logbook shows a first flight in 1980. It was also the first Adams envelope that left the factory with a parachute top fitted as a standard feature.

At Brian's request, our Repair Station staff performed a full restoration of this complete Adams system. We love the unique design elements in the Little Devil and it was an honor to participate in returning this Adams Classic back to its former glory and splendor.

Rumor has it that Brian is planning a flight in Columbia County alongside an even earlier Little Devil that is owned by Michael DePew. We wish Brian happy and success flights for many years to come.

New Balloon Gallery

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Dragons be Here

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Say hello to "Scorch" the dragon. Here is a video of his first test inflation at Balloon Fiesta Park.

“It is 145 feet tall so that’s about twice the height of a normal balloon. “It’s over 600 pounds and it sits quite pretty, so, I think it will be really popular with the kids.”Scorch Pilot, Keith Sproul

Scorch (N726PA) is now a member of Keith Sproul's stable of amazing balloons and these are just a few of the images from Keith's website. Hop over to see the magic of how this soon to be legend dragon was created.


Adams Family Reunion

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Owner Andy Richardson

One man’s life-long dream brought him to Albuquerque, the ballooning capital of the world. Now his business is taking shape and taking flight in a pretty cool way.Gabrielle Burkhart, ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)

Albuquerque has long been a haven for aviation and aerospace companies and has aviation heritage spanning more than 70 years. When Andy Richardson brought Adams Balloons to Albuquerque and setup its latest aircraft manufacturer it wasn't long before the local media came calling. In this video from the KRQE news site, Andy answers questions about the role of Adams Balloons in Albuquerque, the Ballooning Capital of the World.